We have the skills and the experience to facilitate and evaluate the strategic development of projects, programs, and systems from conception to conclusion or through sustained/integrated change. We can help determine your agency’s “readiness” for new initiatives and assist with pre-project capacity building. We can assist with grant development for new or continuation applications. We work with grantees and stakeholders on evaluation planning. We provide on-going program implementation and administration. We help guide your data analysis, communication, and sustainability efforts.

Capacity Building

Capacity building can be thought of as activities that enhance skills to impact the success, efficiency and sustainability of a program or organization. The Pennington Biomedical Evaluation Unit conducts workshops and webinars to provide technical assistance for:

  • Pre-project “readiness” development
  • Stakeholder participation
  • Needs assessments and analysis
  • Logic models, work plans, surveys
  • Continuous program improvement
  • Relevant outcomes/sustainability

Grant Development

Grant development covers the processes through which ideas and methods are refined, need and efficacy is demonstrated, partnerships/affiliations/supports are established, and funding sources are identified. The Pennington Biomedical Evaluation Unit provides guidance on:

  • Concept development and coordination
  • Literature reviews/best practices
  • Engagement of partners and collaborators
  • Facilitation and coordination of IRB approvals

Evaluation Planning

Evaluation planning is a process that provides stakeholders the opportunity to define success for a program or agency, based on their goals, objectives, and target outcomes; it results in specific strategies, measurements, and timelines designed to determine effectiveness and inform improvements. The Pennington Biomedical Evaluation Unit is available to:

  • Facilitate planning processes
  • Develop, implement or manage full spectrum program or agency evaluations. This includes:
    • Single or multi-site projects
    • Compliance with funder deliverables
    • Practical, appropriate designs & evidence-based methodologies
    • Qualitative & quantitative approaches

Program Implementation

Program implementation and administration involves routine and problem-solving activities that keep programs on track, responsive, ethical, and accountable. The Pennington Biomedical Evaluation Unit can assist with:

  • Pilot testing
  • Program monitoring
  • Site visits
  • Data audits/data analysis
  • Timelines/production charts
  • Problem solving support

Data Analysis, Communication, and Sustainability

Data analysis, communication, and sustainability are a continuum of processes that assess accomplishments and validate efforts; that facilitate the sharing of experiences and lessons learned; and that consider and accommodate changing needs and resources. The Pennington Biomedical Evaluation Unit can guide or assist with:

  • Analysis of your data; attention to your context
  • Preparation of reports, manuscripts, presentations
  • Enhancing methods of communication within/among organizations
  • Application of program outcomes to program sustainability
  • Coalition building/partnering for sustainability